Cessna Citation II

Range:     2,000 Miles

Speed:     450 Mph 

Capacity:  Patient, Medical Team and 2 passengers

We provide a truly custom solution for each patient.  We match the needs of the patient to the best ground transportation, appropriate size and speed of aircraft, and medical staff and equipment.  Our “Bed to Bed” service begins with our staff meeting the patient at their bedside and staying with them until they arrive safely at their destination.  Our goal is to provide the industry’s best medical care and transportation solution. Our management team includes industry experts and transplant physicians who help ensure we are providing the best solution for each patient.

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The Learjet 35A is the most widely utilized air ambulance aircraft.  This aircraft is the most efficient and cost effective solution for the needs of most patients.  It flies at very high altitude to assure a smooth flight and is capable of flying to almost any destination in the US non-stop.  This aircraft can accommodate one patient, our medical team and up to two passengers.

GulfStream III

Range:     4,000 Miles
(Certified by FAA for Oceanic Intercontinental flights)

Speed:     500 Mph 

Capacity:  Patient, Medical Team and 6 passengers

The Citation was designed to meet rigorous airline specifications, has an excellent safety record, and is one of the most popular aircraft in the world for air ambulance flights.   It has excellent speed and range and can accommodate a patient, crew and up to 2 passengers.  It has the ability to land at smaller airports due to its excellent short field capabilities. 

LearJet 35A

Range:     2,500 Miles

Speed:     500 Mph 

Capacity:  Patient, Medical Team and 2 passengers

The Gulfstream III is one of the largest and fastest aircraft utilized for medical transport.  Due to its incredible range the G3 is ideally suited for medical repatriation services.   This aircraft can fly non-stop across the US and is certified by the FAA for trans-oceanic flights across the Atlantic and Pacific.  It’s capable of flying from L.A. to New York City in less than 5 hours.  It can easily accommodate a patient, crew and up to 6 family members. 

The King-Air B200 is one of the most popular and rugged twin engine turbo prop aircraft ever built.  This pressurized aircraft is capable of flying above most weather and turbulence and has extra space for passengers and equipment.  It can take off and land in about half the distance of our jets which makes it ideally suited for smaller airports near some of our patients.  

Beechcraft King Air B200

Range:     2,000 Miles

Speed:     333 Mph 

Capacity:  Patient, Medical Team and 3 passengers

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